Ashton is a privately owned boutique investment management group. The Group identifies and originates bespoke investment opportunities for clients across a range of asset classes. Ashton participates as principal in its transactions, ensuring an alignment of interests with its clients.

About the Ashton Group

Ashton manages a range of funds providing investors with access to some of the world’s leading absolute return managers. Ashton’s Funds are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) and Channel Islands Stock Exchange (CISE). They are accessible directly or via offshore investment platforms and are offered in a range of currency classes: US$, Euro, Sterling, A$ and Gold. In January 2009 Ashton entered into a distribution relationship with New York-based manager Paulson & Co, providing investors with access to the Paulson Funds under the Ashton-Paulson banner.

Ashton also constructs and manages corporate bond portfolios for clients, tailored according to their specific requirements.

Ashton has offices in the UK, Australia, Cayman Islands and a presence in South Africa.

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Ashton Advisors (UK) LLP
Unit 1, 73a Maygrove Road
London, NW6 2EG
United Kingdom
t: +44 207 754 5446
f: +44 207 754 5548
Ashton Advisors (AUS) Pty Ltd
101 Grafton Street
Sydney NSW 2022
t: +61 2 9387 2644
f: +61 2 9387 2655
Ashton Funds Management Limited
2nd Floor, Compass Centre,
PO Box 448, George Town
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
t: +345 814 4684
f: +345 814 8285